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The works of Monique Baumann are complex and multifaceted; besides paintings they include collages, assemblages, photography and drawings. She shuns neither new techniques, nor material barriers, nor limits of form, so that her works take effect as tangible and accessible, but never empty. Monique Baumann doesn’t divide her oeuvre into periods of creativity; far more, she interweaves all its facets, even if the stylistic elements couldn’t be more different from each other. In this way, she ceaselessly sounds out the boundaries of pure representation and elusive abstraction, giving rise to fascinating transitional moments that generate new ways of seeing things. Thus fusing this illusionistic, expressionistic painting onto passive, almost meaningless photographic picture formats is a central element of her artistic work. Alien images and ideas determined from the outside confront one’s inner images and associations, setting an ever new challenge to the game of hunting the picture within the picture. Thus the presentation is a wide-ranging, almost unbounded palette of works that despite everything take effect as integral and autonomous.


Monique Baumann was born in Switzerland. After completing her Master of Arts degree in
graphic design at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, she spent several years in Paris (FR) as a freelance artist. In 2010, Monique Baumann returned to Zurich (CH), where she mostly lives and works today. Numerous solo studio exhibitions followed, also a solo exhibition in the TART Zurich. Since the mid-nineties down to the present day, Monique Baumann has taken part in numerous group exhibitions, including in the TART Zurich, in the FIGAF Gallery in London, in the Partgalerie Zurich, in the Chelsea Center for the Arts in New York, in the Hypegallery Palais de Tokyo in Paris and in the Palais Lichtenstein in Feldkirch. In addition, Monique Baumann’s works are frequently featured in national and international brands and magazines, like Le Monde d’Hermès, Birkenstock1774, Goldwin International, Vogue Nederland, Another Magazine, Le Labo, Goldwin International, Elle US, Diptique, Cartier, Pomellato, Condé Nast Italia, Self Service Magazine, i-D Magazine, Vogue Hong Kong, Carven, Teen Vogue US, Harpers Bazaar CZ, Vogue UA, Exhibition Magazine, Echtzeit Verlag, Neumarkt Theater, Modzik Paris, Diva Magazine, Zurich Tourismus, Trois Pommes Zurich, Stress MTV unplugged, Tod's, etc.